Pangram ( pængræm ) [f. PAN- + -GRAM.] A sentence containing all the letters of the alphabet (see also quot. 1953). So pangram'matic a.

1933 M. E. OHAVER Cryptogram Solving 31 Pangrammatic, containing all the letters of the alphabet. 1953 W. R. TRASK tr. Curtius's European Lit. xv. 283 The 'pangrammatic' affection, which consists in having as many successive words as possible begin with the same letters. 1963 Medium Ævum XXXII. 149 'Pangrammatic' verses are far older than the thirteenth century. 1964 Sci. Amer. Sept. 222 The pangram, an ancient form of word play, is an attempt to get the maximum number of different letters into a sentence of minimum length. 1965 Time 17 Sept. 72 Also represented: Sotadic [palindromic] verses, pangrammatic rubaiyat and problems in alphametics (alphabet arithmetic).

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